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AI in Drug Discovery Platform

The AI in Drug Discovery platform is a digital hub detailing AI’s impact on drug discovery. Explore 950 innovative drug developers, 2,100 niche investors and 50 R&D hubs dedicated to this field. The platform also includes profiles of top 100 leaders in the field of AI in drug discovery. The platform boasts a comprehensive database of key players and investment trends, reviews of significant AI-pharma collaborations from 2021-2024, and showcases AI techniques used by top drug developers. 

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AI in Drug Discovery Leaders

Leading the way in the field of AI in drug discovery are a diverse group of experts driving innovation. This group consists of researchers, data scientists, endocrinologists, and technologists who are committed to harnessing the potential of AI to tackle the complex challenges of drug discovery management. Their specialized knowledge and collaborative efforts are essential in developing state-of-the-art AI algorithms, predictive models, and decision support systems that enhance the delivery of drug discovery services.

AI in Drug Discovery Analytical Report

The main trends and technologies shaping the future of the industry today, distilling key insights for major industry participants and stakeholders

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AI Revolutionizing Drug Discovery in Asia

AI is revolutionizing drug discovery in Asia, enhancing diagnostics, treatments, and patient care. Our specialized platform offers a deep dive into this vibrant ecosystem. The Asian AI in Drug Discovery data reveals 140 active companies, 350 dedicated investors, and 25 pivotal hubs steering this advancement. The platform also incorporates the profiles of the top 30 AI drug discovery leaders from Asia. Through a curated lens, the platform provides an organized and comprehensive view of the region’s transformative AI landscape in drug discovery.

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AI in Oncology Platform

The AI in Oncology platform provides a comprehensive overview of the AI and cancer care intersection. It features profiles, mindmaps, and databases of 140 companies, 475 investors, and 20 hubs, all involved in the AI in Oncology space. The data is organized into seven key categories, including cancer research, cancer diagnostics, genome data analysis, drug development, cancer treatment, cancer screening, and immunotherapy development. This platform offers insights into how AI technologies are shaping the future of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and research.

AI in Cancer Vaccines Platform

The AI in Cancer Vaccines platform offers an in-depth overview of the intersection of AI and immunotherapy. It includes profiles, mindmaps, and databases of 16 companies, 95 investors, and 40 hubs, all dedicated to the AI in Cancer Vaccines space. These entities are organized into four key categories: personalized cancer vaccines, mRNA-based cancer vaccines, immune-targeted cancer vaccines, and immune-based cancer therapies, highlighting the evolving landscape of this field.

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AI in BioMed Platform

AI in BioMed is a comprehensive platform created to shed light on the developing nexus between artificial intelligence and biotechnology. Access to ground-breaking AI frameworks, powerful investors, business leaders, well-known organizations, and state-of-the-art research facilities are all available through this complex center, which addresses a range of subjects from biomarkers and drug discovery to neurotech and space medicine. AI in BioMed, which personifies the industry's future, acts as the unmistakable entryway to the insights and innovations that help to form and advance the sector.

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Big Data Analytical System & Dashboards

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Big Data Analytics Dashboard

Deep Pharma Intelligence has engineered an advanced analytical framework capable of defining, analysing, and predicting trends in the AI in Drug Development industry, and the DeepTech technologies powering it.

The Dashboard provides professional users with comparative analytical capabilities, including interactive, searchable and filterable databases of companies, investors and funding rounds, as well as Automated SWOT Analysis and AI-Driven Smart-Matching facilities.


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AI in Drug Discovery Analytical Framework

We developed a comprehensive framework of the industries utilising AI to its full potential.

Want to know more about applications of AI in Drug Discovery?

Check our first-of-its-kind AI in Drug Discovery Industry Analytical Framework

Advanced R&D

Biomarkers Development

Drug Discovery

AI-Assisted Diagnostics

At-Home Cancer Detection

Clinical Decision Support

Medical Images Analysis

Patients Outcome Prediction

Personalized Treatment Options 

Established Drug Discovery-Oriented Entities

Compounds Classification



Identifying New Drug Candidates

Identifying New Drug Pathways

Identifying New Drug Structures

Hit Identification

Lead Optimization

Predictive Drug Modeling

Target Identification


Identifying Drug to Drug Interactions

Identifying New Drug Indications

Imaging Analysis

Patient Stratification

Identifying New Metabolic Pathways

Identifying Suitable Patients

Predictive Modeling

Real-Time Monitoring

Automated End-to-End 
Drug Analysis

Automated End-to-End Production

ADME/PK Modeling

Experiment Data Analyzing

Preclinical Protocol Optimization

Robotic Hands

 High Throughput Screening

Chemical Data  Analyzing

Clinical Trials Data Analyzing

Predictive Patient Reaction Modeling

Virtual Experiment Processing

Drug Safety Improving

Preclinical Trials Prediction

Preclinical Imaging Analysis





Data Analysis

Lab Experiments Data Analyzing

Focus on Applications of AI for Drug Discovery 

The field of using Artificial Intelligence for drug discovery is a rapidly growing area of research that has the potential to revolutionize the process of drug discovery and development. 

Focus on Applications of AI for

Oncology Diagnostics and Treatment

There is a growing interest in the applications of AI for oncology diagnostics and treatment as the use of AI has the potential to greatly improve cancer care. AI algorithms can analyze large amounts of patient data, medical images, and treatment history to identify patterns and features that are associated with treatment response and toxicity, and use this information to develop personalized treatment plans for individual patients.

Early Drug Development

Early drug development is the stage of drug development that occurs before preclinical and clinical development. It involves identifying potential drug candidates, conducting initial testing to determine their pharmacological properties, and selecting candidates for further development. This stage has several peculiarities that distinguish it from other stages of drug development.

Clinical Drug Development

Clinical drug development is the stage of drug development that involves testing the safety and efficacy of a drug candidate in humans. This stage is typically divided into three phases, each with its peculiarities.

Data Processing

Data processing is an essential step in drug development as it involves analyzing and interpreting data to identify potential drug candidates and understand their safety and efficacy. 

Preclinical Development and Automation

AI has been increasingly used to support preclinical drug development by modeling the properties and potential outcomes of drug candidates. One way AI can do this is by analyzing the properties of a drug candidate's structure, such as its molecular weight, size, and shape, to predict its activity and efficacy. AI can also analyze genetic variations in specific cellular lines or mice strains to simulate preclinical studies and make predictions about potential efficacy and toxicity.

End-to-End Drug Development

End-to-end drug development is a comprehensive approach to drug development that involves all stages, from discovery to commercialization. The process can be divided into several stages, each of which has its peculiarities

Strategic Partner Projects

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Deep Pharma Intelligence – Powered by Deep Knowledge Group

Deep Pharma Intelligence is a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group, a data-driven consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations active on many fronts in the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, BioTech, Pharma, FinTech, GovTech, SpaceTech, FemTech, Data Science, InvestTech), ranging from scientific research to investment, entrepreneurship, analytics, consulting, media, philanthropy and more.

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