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AI in Real-World Studies Webinar aims to deliver the landscape overview of advances in the evidence-based medicine industry, including current trends, key players, and opportunities for further business development. 

Real-World Data (RWD) and Real-World Evidence (RWE) enable companies to speed up research, improve data analysis, evaluate trends and patient outcomes, and even increase commercial success. This results in accelerated drug development that will faster provide patients with new treatments. Statistically, the real-world studies and evidence industry has excellent potential for growth in 2022-2023.

Deep Pharma Intelligence and The Yuan will deliver keynote speeches focusing on the real-world data (RWS) business in Asia and globally, new trends, leading companies with cutting-edge technology, and shareholders in the industry. Numerous infographics and mind maps accompanying the data will be featured on the Deep Pharma Intelligence dashboard.

Landscape of Cancer Vaccines and Researc

During this 1-day event, November 23, we will share our findings from a unique market study revealing R&D platforms for developing therapeutic cancer vaccines, the key players in each category, the science behind the development, and case studies illustrating opportunities and challenges of each research strategy. 

We will present our categorization of the 5 platforms -- including relatively mainstream strategies -- Neoantigen Platform, Tumor-associated Antigens Platform, Cellular Platform, and Oncolytic Viruses Platform -- and the latest breakthrough and a potentially disruptive research strategy --  Antigenic Essence Platform. 

The webinar will host research and business presentations from the Deep Pharma Intelligence team and guest speaker presentations by invited industry experts.

AI in Drug Discovery, Biomarker Developm

The primary goal of this webinar was to give a complete picture of the industry environment in terms of AI usage in drug discovery, clinical research, and other elements of pharmaceutical research and development. This comprehensive overview presented trends and insights in the form of mindmaps and infographics, and benchmark the performance of key players who shape the industry's space and relationships. This webinar was designed to guide you through what is going on in this industry right now and potentially predict what will happen next.

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Webinar held on April 13, 2021. Analysts from Deep Pharma Intelligence and guest speakers shared insights and findings about trends and application use cases of artificial intelligence (AI) in the pharmaceutical research, biotech, and healthcare tech, focused specifically on tackling the coronavirus pandemic. The event featured a summary of key players, technologies and trends, including R&D and business aspects, as well as investment trends on the cross-roads of AI and COVID-19 therapeutics and tools.

The Rise of Advanced Technologies in the

The 3-day conference will be held on November 15-17, 2021. Specialists from Deep Knowledge Group and invited business representatives will provide thoughts and findings of trends and application use cases of AI in technology, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. Two DPI reports, "AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D Landscape Overview Q4 2021" and "Landscape of Advanced Technology Companies in Pharmaceutical Industry Q4 2021" will be presented at the conference. 

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Day 1 (Top AI in Pharma Deals, Trends & Partnerships 2020-Q1 2021) featured presentations and a roundtable discussion on the biggest deals, partnerships, collaborations, and industry events in the AI in Pharma sector from 2020 - 2021.

Day 2 (Investment and M&A Deals: AI in Pharma Market 2021) featured talks and a panel discussion on key players, trends in the private equity and venture capital ecosystem, focusing on the increasing market maturation of AI in Pharma, and key take-aways for investors in 2021.

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Webinar held on March 3, 2021. It presented key findings and insights from Deep Pharma Intelligence AI in the Pharma Investment Digest.

The event provided a summary of key players, trends in the private equity and venture capital ecosystem, with a focus on the growing maturity of the AI market in Pharma, and key takeaways for investors in 2021.

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Webinar held on March 2, 2021. It presented key findings and take-aways from Deep Pharma Intelligence's newest special analytical case study.

The event provided a discussion of the biggest deals, partnerships, collaborations, and industry events in the AI in Pharma sector from 2020-2021.


Deep Pharma Intelligence team introduced the company and its founding partners Deep Knowledge Analytics and BiopharmaTrend, and shared their insights and statistics about the Pharmaceutical Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector, including current trends, leaders in the “AI Race”, key R&D partnership and major investment deals, and latest industry developments. The company has paid particular attention to investment opportunities in this increasingly attractive market.

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