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About Us

Deep Pharma Intelligence is a leading UK-based market intelligence agency focused on the emerging markets in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, and Healthcare industries.

Major Areas of Activity for Deep Pharma Intelligence​

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Pharmaceutical and BioTech research and commercialization

Vaccines, Immunization, Preventive Medicine

M&A landscape profiling to assist pipeline development strategies

Discovery and development of the emerging therapeutic modalities

Trends in clinical trials and translational medicine (including AI-driven real-world evidence strategies)

Promising BioTech startups and business analytics

Emerging technologies and trends in Precision Medicine (NanoTech, cell therapies, gene therapies, etc.)

Digital health technologies (AI-augmented diagnostics, IoT, etc.)

Viral and antibiotic therapeutics (including COVID-19)

The company is a joint venture between the two highly specialized UK-based market intelligence hubs in Pharma / BioTech space:


The Pharma Division of Deep Knowledge Analytics (PD-DKA), a specialized subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Analytics (DKA), the leading analytical entity specifically focused on deep intelligence of the high-potential areas in the pharma industry, including artificial intelligence (AI) for drug discovery sector. 

Recently, MIT named this division a top technology think-tank, acknowledging the AI ranking framework it developed.


BPT Analytics (BiopharmaTrend) - a rapidly growing analytical portal and media resource, dedicated to tracking emerging companies (startups/scaleups), innovations, investments, and trends in the pharma and biotech space.


BiopharmaTrend’s reports and articles were referenced by Deloitte, Forbes, and other high profile media and consulting companies. BiopharmaTrend is a media partner to a number of top-tier conferences and symposia in preclinical and clinical research, and healthcare research.

Proprietary Analytics

Our range of proprietary services includes custom consulting projects, based on the specific customer needs, as well as a collection of pre-produced “ready-to-use” proprietary reports, produced by our research team, covering general trends and specific action ideas and strategy insights related to the most promising business prospects (e.g. new technologies, BioTech startups), M&A prospects (e.g. pipeline development targets), and strategic growth ideas (trends profiling, industry overviews etc.).

Our Partners


Takeda is a global R&D-driven biopharmaceutical company that focuses on innovative drugs and potentially life-changing treatments. We provide Takeda with full informational and analytical support in the field of deep intelligence and high-potential areas of the pharmaceutical industry, using a variety of channels. We are honoured by Takeda’s recognition of our work and look forward to continuing this promising relationship.


The Yuan is a new tech community platform focused on AI in healthcare, ML, and related disciplines. Their aim is to provide an open forum for global innovators, entrepreneurs, and others in the AI world to exchange insights into this transformational technology. The company is seeking talented AI professionals and social commentators to share their expertise and wisdom to inform our readership of investors, scientists, researchers, engineers, graduate students, policymakers, healthcare providers and patients, and the public at large, of developments in this novel arena that is poised to become central to every field of human endeavor. 


SHANDA CONSULT is an international consulting firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus, with a wide network of trusted partners in the European Union, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Asia. The company offers an integrated range of business advisory services designed to facilitate and initiate cross-border industrial investments. They support clients with corporate restructuring and performance improvement and facilitate corporate relocation and business localization, including establishing a new representative branch offices and special purpose vehicles for investments and market entry.


SPAC Consultants is an A to Z one-stop solution specialized in structuring and setting up Special-Purpose Acquisition Companies. Together with its international team and associates, being among the heavyweights of the SPAC Space, SPAC Consultants professionally advises on and structures SPACs, taking them to successful IPO, mainly at NASDAQ and NYSE.

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