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Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery Q3 2023:
An In-depth Analysis

From the depths of artificial intelligence to the frontiers of pharma — discover what's shaping the AI-driven drug development sector

This analytical report presents the most comprehensive overview of the current state of AI in Drug Discovery made to date, highlighting principal players, trends, and technologies.

For professionals, investors, or enthusiasts, this is your compass to navigate the AI-driven drug development world. The future is AI — equip yourself to embrace it.

Dive deep into:

  • Benchmarking performances of the major AI players in pharma

  • Thoughtfully crafted educative mind maps and infographics

  • Detailed insights on the meteoric rise in investments: a whopping 27-fold increase over the last 9 years, touching $60.3B in 2023, with specific dynamics brought on by the global pandemic

Full Report
70 Pages
AI in DD_Report.png

The transition of pharmaceutical R&D has never been more profound. Our latest offering, "Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery Q3 2023", shines a light on the pivotal role AI plays in the drug discovery landscape. Witness an intricate analysis of 800 AI BioTech companies, 90 noteworthy corporations, 50 prominent R&D Hubs, and the financial movements of 1,900 investors actively fueling advancements in the pharmaceutical and healthcare artificial intelligence realms.

Report Highlights

  • Introduction to AI in Drug Development: Setting the stage for what lies ahead.

  • Notable Breakthroughs & Advanced R&D: Understand significant milestones and state-of-the-art research avenues.

  • AI Leaders & Key Pharma Deals: A detailed rundown of who's who in the AI-Pharma nexus.

  • Geographical Dissection: Discover where innovations are born and nurtured.

  • Business Dynamics & Investment Overview: From the big-league investors to the financial strategies of top companies.

  • Computational Genius: Delve into methods driving the leading AI giants.

  • R&D Use Cases & Industry Developments: Journey from 2021 to 2023.

  • Takeaways & Forecasts: Analysis of the growing interest and investments in leveraging AI to accelerate drug discovery

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