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AI in Pharma Investment Digest Q1 2024

This 115-page "Artificial Intelligence in Pharma. Investment Digest Q1 2024" report represents the eleventh issue of market analytics focused on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) application in the pharmaceutical research industry.

The primary goal of this series of reports is to give a complete picture of the industry environment in terms of AI usage in drug discovery, clinical research, and other elements of pharmaceutical research and development. This overview highlights recent trends and insights in the form of helpful mind maps and infographics and gauges the performance of prominent players who shape the industry's space and relationships. It can help the reader comprehend what is going on in the sector and potentially predict what will happen next.

Since the last edition, data has been significantly updated to reflect the fast-paced market dynamics and an overall increase in pharmaceutical AI investment and business development activities. The listings of AI-biotech businesses, biotech investors, and pharmaceutical organizations have been expanded to reflect the pharmaceutical industry's rising interest in sophisticated data analytics technology.

Alongside investment and business trends, the report also provides technical insights into some of the latest AI applications and research achievements.

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Big Data Analytical System & Dashboards

Big Data Analytics Dashboard

Deep Pharma Intelligence has engineered an advanced analytical framework capable of defining, analyzing, and predicting trends in the AI in Drug Development industry, and the DeepTech technologies powering it.

The Dashboard provides professional users with comparative analytical capabilities, including interactive, searchable and filterable databases of companies, investors and funding rounds, as well as Automated SWOT Analysis and AI-Driven Smart-Matching facilities.


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DPI's offerings play a key role in advancing AI within the Drug Discovery sector. A prime example is Insilico Medicine, which has headquarters in Hong Kong and New York, and used AI to develop an experimental drug for the incurable lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. The treatment is in mid-stage trials in the US and China with some results expected early 2025.

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Source: Bloomberg

AI in BioMed

A comprehensive platform called AI in BioMed was created to shed light on the developing nexus between artificial intelligence and biotechnology. Access to ground-breaking AI frameworks, powerful investors, business leaders, well-known organizations, and state-of-the-art research facilities are all available through this complex center, which addresses a range of subjects from biomarkers and drug discovery to neurotech and space medicine. 

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