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Epigenetic Drugs:
from Cancer to Aging, Q2 2022

This report is a comprehensive overview of the current state of the epigenetic drugs market and research. The aim of this report is to provide insights into the diversity of possible epigenetic targets, mechanisms of their action and possibilities of combining EpiDrugs with other therapies in treating cancer and other diseases.


-- 75 Epigenetic drugs, of which 10 are approved and others are located in different stages of clinical development

-- 80 Companies and 85 R&D centres that develop epigenetic drugs

-- Database with Key Market players in the development of epigenetics drugs

-- Comprehensive overview of main epigenetic mechanisms and explanation of their roles in disease

-- In-depth review of the epigenetics mechanisms and epigenetic drugs in cancer

-- Overview of clinical trials of epigenetic drugs of all phases

Overview of Key Epigenetic Drugs

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Rise of Epigenetic Drugs Development

Epigenetic Drugs are now actively developed by many companies and R&D centres. Currently, there are approved or under investigation drugs for almost each protein family of epigenetic regulators. 

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On the graph, you can see epigenetic regulators under investigation or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), according to protein family.


Eleven epigenetic agents are currently available for standard-of-care treatment: 

  • Three DNMT inhibitors (azacitidine, decitabine, hydralazine)

  • Five HDAC inhibitors (belinostat, panobinostat, vorinostat, romidepsin, chidamide, the last one approved only in China)

  • Two IDH inhibitors (enasidenib, ivosidenib)

  • One HMTi - EZH2 inhibitor (tazemetostat) 


Many more inhibitors of writers, erasers, and readers are in development.

Main Developers of Epigenetic Drugs

Almost every big pharmaceutical company has an epigenetic drug in its portfolio -- approved or in clinical trials. However, some companies are focused more on some specific epigenetic targets than others. To learn more about the most popular epigenetics targets and companies interested in them, check the full version of our report. 

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