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- 400 BioTech companies that develop Cell Therapy Technologies

- Comprehensive overview of existing Cell Therapy Technologies

- Mindmaps with companies are developing Stem Cell Therapy, Non-Stem Cell Therapy and Gene-based cell therapy 

- Overview of platforms and  methods that famous companies use

Report at a Glance

For the purposes of this report, we define cell based classes as Classical Cell Therapy and Gene-Based Cell Therapy. Classical Cell Therapy can be divided into Stem Cell-Based Therapy and Non-Stem Cell-Based Therapy. In this report we are going to discuss CAR-T Cell Therapy and TCR-T Cell Therapy the foundation of of Gene-Based Cell Therapy.  The third group will include any other Gene-Based Therapy, but the most relevant competitors are other immunotherapies such as TILs/ NK Cells.

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Cell Therapy Applications

10 years + $2.6 bln =  1 new drug

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Landscape of Cell Therapy Companies

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The vast majority of companies in the Cell Therapies Industry is located in  the United States and accounts for 62.68% of the whole range of analyzed companies. The United States region is followed by Europe with the total companies amounting to 13.17% of all companies in both regions.

The main domains in which companies are operating are Stem cell therapy, CAR-T therapy, Cell-based gene therapy, Service, and Bioengineering, which account for 33.3%, 23.9%, 22%, 11.1% and 9.7% of all companies, respectively.

Selected Cell Therapy Pharma Collaborations in  2022-2023

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Cell Therapies in Healthcare

Landscape Overview Q1 2023

The primary goal of this report is to give a complete picture of the industry environment of Cell Therapy Industry, its clinical researches, and other elements of pharmaceutical research and development.

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