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AI in Drug Discovery Focus on Oncology Q4 2021

This is a teaser for the report “AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development, and Advanced R&D Landscape Overview Q4 2021” that represents the recent advances, deals, and collaborations within the biotech industry, focusing on companies that are using powerful machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence in the Oncology Drug Development area.

Cancer is one of the most significant causes of death worldwide. According to the WHO statistics, the estimated number of death caused by cancer in 2020 is 10 million, making it one of the most popular targets for Drug Development. In 2021, the number of  FDA-approved therapeutics for cancer treatment exceeded 50 out of 60 approved drugs in general. Oncology drug development has a success rate of 3.4 percent on average. However, it is believed that active AI adoption in this domain will speed up and improve the rates of development and approval of oncology drugs.

This overview analysis helps to understand what is happening in the industry nowadays and possibly gives an idea of future developments. Here we assessed more than 525 investors, 175 companies, and R&D centers, and a detailed analysis of more than 10 of them.

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