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Artificial Intelligence in Drug Discovery in Asia Q1 2024: Comprehensive Insights

Unveiling the dynamic landscape of AI-driven drug discovery in Asia

Asia's tryst with AI in pharma has been notable. The region has witnessed a stellar growth rate over the last decade, with a whopping 77% of new companies emerging between 2010 and 2020. Noteworthy factors like burgeoning investments, an uptick in R&D activities, fruitful public-private partnerships, and heightened healthcare and pharmaceutical R&D expenditures have shaped this trajectory. However, the recent years suggest a narrative of change, a slight deceleration, ushering in a new phase of stabilization and consolidation.

For scholars, industry professionals, or investors, this report is your gateway to understand and anticipate the future of AI in drug discovery within the Asian domain. Embark on this journey to discover how Asia integrates ancient wisdom with AI's futuristic potential.

Unearth unparalleled insights on:

  • A vibrant ecosystem of 140 AI BioTech companies and 25 distinct R&D Hubs forging the path in drug development

  • An exhaustive database of the pivotal market players steering AI in drug development across Asia

  • Investment patterns that have given life to drug development innovations throughout the continent

  • Candid reviews of the promising drug candidates that Asia has to offer

  • A decade-long journey tracing the ascent of artificial intelligence in Asian pharmaceutical circles

Full Report
50 Pages
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Asia, a region renowned for its historical significance, diverse cultures, and rapid technological advancements, is now at the forefront of an AI transformation in the world of pharmaceuticals. "AI in Drug Discovery in Asia Q1 2024" is a meticulously crafted analysis that paints a holistic portrait of the Asian AI pharma sector.

Report Highlights

  • AI in Drug Development – An Asian Context: Introduction to the region-specific intricacies.

  • Major Breakthroughs and Advanced R&D: Heart of AI’s contributions to Asia’s pharma sector.

  • Asian Leaders in AI & Noteworthy Pharma Deals: Getting acquainted with the big names and major moves.

  • Geographical Deep Dive: Country-wise exploration of AI's imprint on drug development.

  • Investment Dynamics & Business Strategies: Decoding the financial flows and business blueprints.​​

  • AI Revolution – A Decade in Review: A retrospective glance from 2010 to 2024.

  • Prominent Use Cases & Recent Developments: Unearthing the practical applications and sectoral shifts.

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