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This 210-page “AI for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Advanced R&D Landscape Overview Q4 2021” report marks the tenth installment in a series of reports on the topic of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) application in pharmaceutical research industry that DKA Pharma Division have been producing since 2017.

The main aim of this series of reports is to provide a comprehensive overview of the industry landscape regarding the adoption of AI in drug discovery, clinical research and other aspects of pharmaceutical R&D. This overview highlights trends and insights in the form of informative mind maps and infographics, and benchmarks the performance of key players that form the space and relations within the industry. This is an overview analysis to help the reader understand what is happening in the industry currently and possibly give an idea of what is coming next.

Substantial updates have been introduced since the previous edition, which highlights fast-paced industry dynamics, and overall growth of investment and business development activity in the area of pharmaceutical AI. The lists of AI-biotech companies, biotech investors, and pharma organizations have been expanded to include new entities, and a new list of leading contract research organizations (CROs) has been added to outline the growing interest of the contract research industry in advanced data analytics technologies. We have also revisited data and chapters from the last edition, and reflected on the changes that occured since. 

Alongside investment and business trends, the report also provides technical insights into some of the latest achievements in AI application and research.

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