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Landscape of Advanced Technology Companies in Pharmaceutical Industry Q2 2021

This 95-page report “Landscape of Advanced Technology Companies in Pharmaceutical Industry Q2 2021” marks the inaugural work in a series of reports providing insights and our findings about the expansion of technology developers and vendors into the pharmaceutical space, and their increasing role and influence on the overall success of drug discovery and pharmaceutical business. Artificial intelligence (AI) adoption, digitalization, shift to data-driven research, embracing advanced data collection, storage and processing infrastructures (e.g. cloud), lab and production automation — those are just some examples of trends that keep shaping the industry towards Pharma 4.0. 
Alongside investment and business trends, the report also provides technical insights into some of the latest achievements in the applications of various technologies. The report highlights 145 key players, industry developments, case studies, and trends in the following 6 categories:

- Artificial intelligence (R&D platforms)
- “Big tech” corporations
- Quantum computing
- Autonomous labs and lab automation
- Big data providers
- Supporting services

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