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Our Partners


BPT Analytics (BiopharmaTrend) - a rapidly growing analytical portal and media resource, dedicated to tracking emerging companies (startups/scaleups), innovations, investments, and trends in the pharma and biotech space.


BiopharmaTrend’s reports and articles were  referenced by Deloitte, Forbes, and other high profile media and consulting companies. BiopharmaTrend is a media partner to a number of top-tier conferences and symposia in preclinical and clinical research, and healthcare research.


Deep Knowledge Analytics is a DeepTech focused agency producing advanced analytics on DeepTech and frontier-technology industries using sophisticated multi-dimensional frameworks and algorithmic methods that combine hundreds of specially-designed and specifically-weighted metrics and parameters to deliver insightful market intelligence, pragmatic forecasting and tangible industry benchmarking.

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Celeris is a company aiming to design drugs for currently undruggable targets by means of deep learning. A cutting-edge technology and an all-new approach to predict biomolecular interactions, leads to designed PROTAC-linkers and small molecules.

The Xanthos Platform™ combines the best of two pipelines, Xanthos Match Maker™ and Xanthos Drug Builder™. Both of them make use of geometric deep learning, GNNs, and generative drug design.

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The AI Cluster Bulgaria is a Non-Profit Organization that is bringing the knowledge for ML, NLP, IoT, AR, VR, Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition, Big Data & Analytic and Cloud Computing. We follow a Cross-Industry / Co-Innovation approach in order to show best practices, to connect stakeholders and experts from different industries, to open the doors for collaboration and open innovation.


Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria brings together companies, associations, foundations, universities, research and technology centers that carry out activities directly or indirectly related to biotechnology in Bulgaria. Health & Life Sciences Cluster Bulgaria must be acting as a meeting and promotion platform for those organizations interested in stimulating the national biotechnology scene.

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