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5 High-Impact Technology Companies in Healthcare
to Watch in 2021-2022

This report provides an overview and brief assessment of 5 highly impactful and promising medical hardware technologies to be watched in 2020-2021, and the companies behind their development and commercialization.

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​All selected companies went through initial public offerings (IPO) in 2019-2020 and have strong business models, product offerings and value propositions to the healthcare market. All the selected companies have strong histories of research and development (R&D) work behind them, which in each case resulted in state-of-the-art innovative technologies and medical devices. 

The choice for the list of top candidates takes into account factors like the overall potential impact on healthcare, technological novelty and uniqueness, robustness, the company’s R&D strength and commercialization prospects, and other relevant considerations. 


The report features companies’ business background, brief history, state of research and development and intellectual property (IP), overview of companies’ product and value offerings outlining technological novelty, summary of their major partnerships and customers, the history of funding rounds and IPO-related information, dynamics of R&D spending over years, property analysis, and brief SWOT analysis (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats). 


We believe that these 5 promising, advanced and potentially disruptive technologies in healthcare, and 5 companies which are developing them, will provide substantial impact on healthcare industry and will help patients and consumers around the world. Besides, we also consider these 5 companies to be well-balanced, strong, and well-positioned enough to successfully implement product development and commercialization strategies, and achieve prominent growth dynamics.

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5 Technology Companies in Healthcare

80-Page Report


Comparative Analysis of 5 High-Impact Technology Companies in Healthcare

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5 Technology Companies in Healthcare


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5 Technology Companies in Healthcare


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